Vicous Magick
Protect the Goat

- Miscellaneous -

Vicious T-shirt

Sporting a simplified design based on Zanther's iconic weapon, the Vicious Magick T-shirt will make you the envy of every wannabe knifesman and knifeswoman on your block.


Made from 100 percent Labrinthian cotton, this pre-shrunk shirt boasts a dual-color, gold-on-maroon layout resulting in the most eye-catching color combination in Upper Kleighton.


For just a few dodeckas, you too can show off your formidable longknife skills without having to carry a giant, unwieldy weapon wherever you go.



Vicious Magick, Paperback Edition 

Surprisingly, the universe did not implode immediately due to the paradox of the existence of something that simply should not be. And yet, here it is: the paperback edition of Vicious Magick, the most slashtastic novel of arcane decadence to be written since the original Necronomicon was penned in demons' blood on the blank pages left over at the back of Jesus' diary.


Despite containing a metric ton of awesomeness, Vicious Magick is light, portable, and stylish--and at a price of less than a goat, it's affordable as well.


Should you wish to catch the eye of a certain queen, maximagus, or bard, it can't hurt to be spotted at your favorite pub skimming a copy of Vicious Magick.