Vicous Magick
Protect the Goat

- Glossaria Magicka -

Arcania - a port city of wizards located in the heart of the Rightern Bay


Arch of Misfortune - the archway leading into the Shortpike Tollway


Aristhmus Maus - a famous adventurer and notorious womanizer who owns his own skyship, the Rakehell


armspan - a unit of distance equal to the span of one arm, roughly half of one man-length


astromagus - a wizard with the ability to travel freely between astral bodies


Atalantea - an underwater city encased in a glass dome, located in the Leftern Sea far off the coast


automate  - a clockspring soldier built in Mortesia


Bracchian Boglands - an area of toxic swamps near Bracchia


Barta Calruff - a Demani gypsy and member of the Chackeram Caravan


Bartell Hellmuth - the general of Claustria's standing army


Beaster Feast - a celebration held on the first day of summer wherein residents of Upper Kleighton gorge themselves on meat


Belimus Hesker - the captain of a detachment of Tournesian raiders


biterock - a type of porous stone found near the Infinite Sandswath


Bleakmire Citadel - the traditional headquarters of the Malevolent One


bloodbuzzard - a beastly scavenger bird with a big wingspan and an even bigger apetite


blue bolt swarms - a phenomenon occurring in the Infinite Sandswath wherein multiple lightning strikes hit an area without any clouds in the sky above


bogsand - patches of sand saturated with water, known to gobble up unwary travelers


Bracchia - the commerical and cultural center of Lower Kleighton


brushsnake - typically harmless to humans; feeds on small field rodents


Centerlands - the area between the Zweisser Mountains and the coast of the Rightern Sea


Centripetal Mountains - a mountain range which runs from Zweissergrund to the north, terminating near the Deus Palatium in the south


Claustria - a kingdom located in the Leftlands; also the name of the capital city housing Claustria Castle


cliffhawk - a delicacy in Lower Kleighton, especially when roasted


Coalpowder Beach - a beach on the rightern edge of Lower Kleighton known for its black, fine sand


Codex - a ship used by the Librarians to ferry books between the libraries of Upper Kleighton


Compassitor - a silver compass which, when used in conjunction with the Globotransmitrix, allows the user to teleport to any point in the world


Cresta Binklebust - Black Robe in Port San-torus


Crucifer - may be used to refer to a member of the Crucifist Church, but more often refers to soldiers in the employ of the Crucifist Church


Crucifist Church - a religion founded on belief in the Two True Gods, named Thanos and Vitala (also referred to as Death and Life)


Dahlworth - a tourist destination renowned for its crooked casinos


Danglington - a town of boxlike houses hanging on the edge of a cliff


Dankwater Stinkprison - the prison which houses the worst criminals in Upper Kleighton


Darrinia - a warlike kingdom located in the Centerlands; has strong ties to Zweissergrund


daywalk - a unit of distance equal to about 36 miles


deadders - corpses reanimated using magick


deadtooth - an insult implying one's dead brain matter has seeped into his teeth


Deathstretch - located north of Claustria and south of the Universitorium; a dangerous area of white grass and dead trees


Dectavius Sogbottom - a salesman who travels Upper Kleighton in his wagon selling Good-tyme Tonick


Deepdrop Downshaft - a mine so deep its bottom is rumored to connect to High Hell


deheading - involves binding the neck in double wooden stocks which are connected to gears. A handle is turned and the double stocks spread until the head pops off the body.


Destle Rankor - a spy in the employ of Claustria's queen


Deus Palatium - a megastructure housing the Grand Pontiflex and the other upper-level leaders of the Crucifist Church


dodecka - a gold coin; Upper Kleighton's main unit of currency. The value of 12  dodeckas is equal to one goat


doublecrossbow - a unique type of crossbow with two separate bows and a split trigger which allows the holder to fire each bolt separately, or both simultaneously


dragonbubble wine - a type of fizzy wine consumed in Lower Kleighton


Dragon's Leg - the cheapest beer available in Upper Kleighton


Drangstrom - a technologically-advanced city located on the southrighternmost point of Lower Kleighton


Dromeda Gyllaxie - a member of the Black Robes, protégé of the leader of the sect


dropping - the means of dealing out punishment in Danglington


Dual Chamber - the location of the throne of the Grand Pontiflex


dunesnake - a desert-dwelling relative of the brushsnake known for its potent venom and waxy scales which retain moisture


Eggory Ringblock - successor of Marchand Duchamp


Embra Gallows - assassin freed from Dankwater


expaling - the method of execution employed by the Crucifers; involves two long poles jammed through a body in an X shape


eyeblink - less than half a second


Faberer IV - Claustrian monarch who outlawed production of alcoholic beverages in order to form a secret monopoly he used to fill his coffers


facemauler - a vicious pack-hunter native to Upper Kleighton


Fecker Dundle - a bounty hunter specializing in tracking down wizards


fingerwidth - a unit of measurement equal to the width of a finger


Flamefields - a barren wasteland of shifting, magickal flames located in Lower Kleighton


Flatlands - an area of grassy plains north of Claustria


Flatplains - empty plain of grass feared by Upper Kleightonians


fleesprint - to escape in double-time


flipperfish - a highly poisonous deep-sea fish


Foll K'narr - a famed writer of longpoems so tedious it is rumored that reading them in the presence of a corpse will cause it to reanimate in frustration


Frosted Mug - the most popular pub in Zweissergrund


Frostfields - a barren wasteland of frozen winds located in Lower Kleighton


General Reichsteadtler - commander of the Darrinian skyfleet


Globotransmitrix - a golden sphere which, when used in conjunction with the silver Compassitor, allows the user to teleport to any point in the world


goat - a unit of currency of Upper Kleighton equal to twelve dodeckas


Grand Pontiflex - the leader of the Crucifist Church


grassrat - a distant relative of the sugarmouse found in Lower Kleighton


grossgoat - a unit of currency (12 dodeckas = 1 goat, a grossgoat = 144 goats, so a grossgoat = 1728 dodeckas)


groundpig - a short-legged pig popular as the main dish eaten when celebrating Beaster Feast


gruesification - a means of execution popular in Lower Kleighton


handspans - a unit of measurement equal to the distance between the tip of an adult's pinky and thumb


Hardfist - flagship of the Darrinian skyfleet


Hauntwood - a cursed forest populated by malcontented ghosts, located near the leftern base of the Highspire


Hieronymous Mushmuttle - accused of being the Silent Slicer, a notorious serial murderist


High Hell - according to Crucifist belief, those who commit the most terrible sins in life spend their afterlives here, suffering in agony for all eternity


High Matron - the ruler of Bracchia


Highspire - the tallest mountain in Lower Kleighton


horse-day - a unit of measurement; the distance a horse can travel in one day


idea merchant - one who peddles business ideas instead of goods


Infinite Sandswath - the vast desert separating Upper Kleighton from Lower Kleighton


Ishmer Rashtani - a former Shah of Paq-ma'al, killed by his successor, the self-proclaimed 'Mad Shah'


Jhelbet - a dusty town in Lower Kleighton situated between Spetzel Village and the Rhone River


Josepher Crickadee - an old man who lives outside of Zweissergrund


Kilbrecht Thurstone - second Black Robe assigned to Mortesia


Kleighton Gadabout - Upper Kleighton's most popular newspaper


Kleptocratic Party - Darrinia's ruling political party


Knot - the King's New Omnimagick Tower, a sprawling complex of buildings connected by tunnels and corridors; houses the Wizards' Council, the ruling party of Arcania


Kragnar - a dragon whose diet of choice is virgins


Krassen - a port town located between Arcania and Mortesia


Labrinthe - a small kingdom north of Port San-torus


Lake Hexidepth - a still-lake formed by damming the Ulu river in order to create a reservoir for the people of Drangstrom


Leftern Sea - the sea which separates Upper Kleighton from lands to its west


Leftern Tangle - an immense forest of seatrees growing off the Leftern Coast of Lower Kleighton rendering sea travel all but impossible


Leftlands - the westernmost area of Upper Kleighton, home to Claustria, the Universitorium, and Dahlworth


legleg - a type of small, furry animal comparable to a squirrel


Lexander Tremblehidgens - a scholast researching the Axial Melody


Lexi'khan - the name of the dusty Paterlinguan plains where the word-traders dig up nomenclay


Librarians - a group of individuals who traffick books between Upper Kleighton's various libraries


Libros Majorum - the mysterious leader of the Librarians


Lilia Singularis - Novanostrum's mother


Lista Brinthe - assassin freed from Dankwater, has a thing for Destle


Loathen Mystifer - great-great grandnephew of the legendary wizard, Arcturus Mystifer


locomote - a steam-driven contraption which runs on tracks and drags cars filled with people or cargo


longknife - a weapon comprised of a long, curved, thick blade with a small handle attached to its base; a standard weapon in Upper Kleighton


Longknife of Iniquity - the legendary weapon wielded by the legendary Quester of Righteousness


Longmeadow - an area of grassy plains located between Zweissergrund and Port San-torus


longneedle - a long shaft of metal tapering to a lethal point; a standard weapon in Lower Kleighton


Longpike Freeroad - the other road connecting Bracchia with the Manispan Bogbridge and all other points right


Low Hell - according to Crucifist belief, this is where low-level sinners spend their afterlives


Lower Kleighton - the continent which is home to Bracchia, Prosser's Point, and countless other horrors


Lumina Lovelips - an Atalantean singer and the object of Trestle Myrhminn's affections


Lyndwurgh - a foggy, cramped city of stoneworkers in southright Lower Kleighton


Macchen's Gear - a giant, funtional metal gear-shaped monument located in Mortesia; it is said to have been erected as a symbol of Mortesia's reliance on science over religion


Mad Shah - the eccentric dictator responsible for the construction of the Manispan Bogbridge and other unspeakable architectural and humanitarian atrocities


Madra Magda-Lynne - queen of Claustria and daughter of King Rostimer IX


magilinguist - a wizard with the ability to cast spells merely by speaking the names of spells; also has the ability to create new spells


Malevolent One - the nemesis of the Quester of Righteousness; bearer of the Staff of Grace


Manispan Bogbridge - a plankway winding its way across the toxic marshes of the Bacchian Boglands


man-length - Upper Kleighton's main unit of distance measurement; equal to roughly six feet


Marchand Duchamp - the head of Queen Madra's personal detail of guards known as the Stoneguard


maximagus - a wizard holding the rank of Fifth Circle or higher


Midspire - a cube-like pleateau connected to the Highspire  by a wind-driven lift


milkmaid - a slang word meaning ‘prostitute’


Mongovian Brain Blaster - a mixed drink popular throughout Upper Kleighton


moonmight stones - iridescent purple stones which absorb magick used in their vicinity


moonth - period of time roughly 30 days


Mortesia - the most dominant kingdom in the Rightlands; known for their technological superiority


Mortimus Ouncerat - a tenured professor at the Universitorium


Mount Stratiphus - located at the righternmost point of Upper Kleighton, the location of the famed Star of the Air


mountaintop thunderbuzzards - fierce, giant birds native to the Centripetal Mountains


Mucklands - a swampy, jungular area separating Arcania from its western neighbors


Murkmucker Forest - a forest located between Dahlworth and Claustria


Muscov Gin - a mixed drink popular in Darrinia


Myla Gullcleaver - assassin freed from Dankwater


mystite - a shiny, reflective rock found throughout Lower Kleighton


Nasonic monks - an eccentric group of monks who sealed themselves up inside their temple to hide from the wrath of their messiah


Nasonic temple - located outside Zweissergrund, the Nasonic temple is home to a sect of monks famed for their eccentric beliefs


New Kestle - a small town located to the north of Arcania; notorious for the low quality of its prostitutes


Nixa Lunast - the Black Robe assigned to Arcania


nomenclay - a soft substance which word-traders carve into small blocks and inscribe new words upon


Nosfer - a pale, undead creature which sustains itself on human blood; vincible to sunlight


Novanostrum Singularis - a master wizard banished from Arcania


ogremage - an ogre with the ability to do magick


Organder Slotterhaus - the mayor of Zweissergrund


Paloma - an orphan being chased by a dark man with a dark purpose


Paq-ma'al - an area of desert canyons located southright of Bracchia


Paterlingua - an area of desert plains located south of Darrinia; home to the Paterlinguan word traders


Paterlinguans - a group of people living on the plains of Paterlingua who make their living collecting and forging new words from the nomenclay found in their lands


Paul Maloo - a sheephold who lives outside of Spetzel Village


Pearldust Beach - a beach on the southern edge of Lower Kleighton with white, fine sand


Pegpunch Crater - a crater over two thousand man-lengths in diameter with a depth of five hundred man-lengths caused by forces unknown and surrounded by a high stone wall


Pegpunch Ringwall - the tall stone wall encircling Pegpunch Crater


Penulpenulibris - the third largest library in Upper Kleighton, located at the Universitorium


Pigrash Academy of Wizarding and Witchery - a school for young witches and wizards in Arcania


Pinessa - an orphan being chased by a dark man with a dark purpose


plus-priester - an official responsible for managing the priesters located in a given district


Pocalypse Pub - a drinking establishment located in Arcania


Polis Oliseum - the ruins of a monumental superstructure built to house the first Lympic Sports Meet; a huge depression carved into the ground and lined with rows of seats


Pontiflex Chastis ZI - the ZInd Grand Pontiflex of the Crucifist Church


Pontiflex Minor - second-in-command of the Crucifist Church; handles many of the day-to-day affairs required for managing the facilities and personnel of the Deus Palatium


Port San-torus - a port town located on the Rightern Bay, a major center of commerce in Upper Kleighton


powderblast - a weapon comprised of a metal tube, a flintrock, and a trigger; invented by obese Trinese soldiers who did not wish to walk all the way to their enemies in order to kill them


priester - the head of a local Crucifist church


Prosser's Point - the nexus of all musickal activity in Lower Kleighton


puckerplum - a sour fruit native to Claustria, often served pickled


purpleberries - a purple berry common in Claustria, used traditionally to make purpleberry wine


Quester of Righteousness - the legendary hero who wields the legendary Longknife of Iniquity


Quintillumes - five legendary gems that, when affixed to the Longknife of Iniquity, will give the weapon the power to permanently nullify the Staff of Grace


Rabadan Millovich - a commoner who dared to run against a succeeding Claustrian king. Promptly deheaded for treason


Radeva - a simple farming community in Lower Kleighton


Rahvik Manislov - the commander of the Arcanian Defense Corps, a highly-trained unit of wizard soldiers


Raitha Bumblatt - the woman who managed the day-to-day operations of Thumtwiddle Orphanage


Rakehell - Aristhmus Maus's skyship


Rassamander Andolin - Maximagus of the First Circle and head of the Arcanian Wizards' Council


razor-beaked woodgull - a dangerous member of the gull family found in forests throughout the Leftlands


Regent - the title of the ruler of Atalantea


Resgard Pass - a pass through the Centripetal Mountains near the Deus Palatium allowing travelers to avoid the seat of Crucifer Power


Rheme - an ancient city whose ruins are located underneath the Flatplains


Rhone River - a dangerous thoroughfare for travelers in Lower Kleighton. Home to vicious beasts, hostile natives, and river pirates


Rightern Sea - the sea which separates Upper Kleighton from lands to its right


Rightern Tangle - an immense forest of seatrees growing off the Rightern Coast of Lower Kleighton rendering sea travel all but impossible


Rightlands - the area of Upper Kleighton located east of Arcania; the area in which Mortesia is located


ringpole - a metal crook to which a skyship can anchor and then 'reel in' to the ground


Risma - a witch who lives in the Mucklands


Ristwatch - a magickal watch capable of dramatically slowing time. Requires roughly 1 hour to recharge its magick


Rockrubble Dam - a massive feat of Drangstromian engineering built to provide a water source for the people of Drangstrom


Rogehn Markesh - a man who impregnated the Trinese Emperor's sister, then tried unsuccessfully to flee to Upper Kleighton


Rostimer IX - former King of Claustria and father of Madra Magda-Lynne


roundwood - an enormous tree indigenous to the Murkmucker forest outside Claustria


Rucifer Romple-braggs - the Highbaron of Lyndwurgh


ruffalo - a squat, low-to-the-ground animal with horns and a bushy coat of fur


Saint Impalus - a traveller able to navigate between the cracks in reality


sand madness - a disorder wherein the sufferer can't help but wander the desert aimlessly until he or she is claimed by the elements


sandgorgons - monsters living beneath the sands of the Infinite Sandswath


Sandstone Acropolis - located in the center of the Infinite Sandswath, the location of the famed Star of Flame


scholast - an Upper Kleightonian who attends or teaches at an institution of higher learning


Seahorse Saloon - a pub in Atalantea, watering hole of the Regent


seatree - a sturdy tree whose uppermost section protrudes from the surface of the sea; a severe hazard to ships


serpentite - a lizardlike race of cave-dwellers


sharpeye - someone unlikely to be conned


Shortpike Tollway - a road connecting Bracchia with the Manispan Bogbridge


skyships - floating vessels comprised of lightweight hulls attached to balloons which are inflated using dragon flatuses


Sleft Luftkind - Black Robe assigned to Labrinthe


snarkwood tree - a type of tree whose branches make excellent torches and staves


Snowfrost Ale - a Bracchian brew


‘solved for X’ - a slang phrase indicating expalement; also a subtle dig at arithmancers


songspells - the songs played by a sonomagus to produce a specific result, such as manipulating a person or object


sonomagus - a wizard musician who casts songspells


Spetzel Village - a small town in Lower Kleighton whose chief economic activities are sheepholding and wine production


 spinaxe - an axe made for throwing, a favorite weapon of ogres


split-twitch - an instant; a fraction of an eyeblink


Staff of Grace - the weapon of the Malevolent One, magnifies the powers of the one who wields it


Star of Flame - one of the five Quintillumes. Located in the Sandstone Acropolis


Star of Light - one of the five Quintillumes. Lost in antiquity


Star of the Air - one of the five Quintillumes. Located atop Mount Stratiphus


Star of the Earth - one of the five Quintillumes. Located beneath the Nasonic temple


Star of the Sea - one of the five Quintillumes. Located in Atalantea


Stargaard, the Fair-haired Bard - the spooniest troubadour in all of Lower Kleighton


Starkes Madrigal - the notorious editor of the Kleighton Gadabout about whom little is known


stellbloom extract - a powerful hallucinogenic


Stoneguard - the highest ranking Claustrian soldiers and personal bodyguards of the Claustrian royal family


stonehammer - a sturdy iron hammer suited to splitting stones--or skulls


Stronum Singularis - Novanostrum's father and Maximagus of the Nth Circle


Stuck Pony - a pub located in Claustria


Submount Steamtunnels - tunnels dug under the Centripetal mountains for the purpose of constructing a trans-continental system of locomote tracks; abandoned after locomotes ceased to emerge from the tunnels


Subterrane Forest - an underground forest comprised of petrified trees


sugarmouse - a docile creature typically kept as a pet by milkmaids. Has an inexplicable tendency to pick fights with yafbeests--and viciously kill them


summers and winters - the residents of Upper Kleighton often use summers and winters as a means of counting years and determining one's age


sunspin - a unit of time equal to one year


Thirsty Scholast - a pub located on the outskirts of the Universitorium


Thom Lynne - a Tournesian general and distant (though unknown) relative of Madra Magda-Lynne


Threaded Spire - a tall, screw-shaped tower located in Mortesia; houses the Vinch and his attendants


thunderfrog - a giant frog whose loud croaking is said to stun its prey


Topedge Oasis - a strip of fertile land bordered by the Infinite Sandswath to the north and the Bracchian Boglands to the south


Tournesia - a long-abandoned city whose ruins serve as a warning to those who would make war against Bracchia


Trestle Myrhminn - the often-drunk Regent of Atalantea


Ulu River - a river whose source lies beneath the Midspire and whose terminus is a delta near Drangstrom


Umpter Bulgren - Black Robe in Darrinia


Universitorium - Upper Kleighton's premiere institute of higher learning.


Upper Kleighton - the continent which is home to Claustria, Darrinia, and Arcania


Varello Punchinelli - a traveling musician versed in songspells; usually plays a lute but has been known to utilize other instruments when necessary


Vinch - the title of the ruler of Mortesia


Willowood - a forest of willow trees located between Claustria and the Centripetal Mountains


yafbeest - a fierce animal with sharp claws rumored to be a Paterlinguan delicacy


Yonderer Snarfblaggle - the Editor (leader) of the Paterlinguan word traders


Zanther Maus - master knifesman, borderline alcoholic, and son of famed adventurer Aristhmus Maus


Zhan-ichi Siao - the oldest of three Trinese brothers


Zhan-ni Siao - the Black Robe assigned to Dahlworth


Zweissergrund - started as an outpost for Darrinian spies, but is now a snowy mountain tourist destination