Vicous Magick
Protect the Goat

- Frequently Asked Questions -


When is the next book in the Vicious Magick series coming out?

The next book, Militant Minds, is tentatively slated for July 2013.  


How long does it take to write one of the novels in the Vicious Magick series?

The Legend of Zanther and Knives and Needles were actually written almost concurrently. Each one only took a few weeks. But those are atypical examples. Each book usually takes about 4 months to write, not because it's particularly time-consuming to write, but because real-world concerns take up a lot of time.


Of the sites which carry your e-books, which do you recommend most strongly?

If you have a proprietary device, it’d be silly not to purchase e-books from their store.  


How did you get your books distributed through Apple, Barnes and Noble, et cetera?

It’s a free and automatic service offered when you publish your manuscript through I highly encourage any budding author to check them out. While they will do an automatic check to make sure your work meets mechanical requirements, there’s no stodgy editor who will ‘deny’ your work. Their philosophy is that books will sink or swim on the basis of their quality. Distribution on Amazon is a separate process and requires registering with their KDP program.


Who are you and just what, exactly, is your deal?

I'm a University of Pittsburgh grad. My major was Japanese and I'm not afraid to speak it, especially after a few drinks. I like to cover 80's songs on guitar. I also like to dabble in 3D animation and graphics.

Advice for Aspiring Novelists  

What advice do you have for a novelist who is just starting out?

Have someone else edit your writing. Do whatever it takes not to have a crummy cover image. With an endless supply of free e-books out there for readers to browse, the quality of your cover, your title, and your blurb will determine whether you succeed or fail. If your 100-word blurb is full of errors and your title looks like you spent about a minute crapping out something in MS Paint, it’s pretty unlikely that your novel will be taking the internet by storm anytime soon.  


I want to make money. Should I write fantasy novels?

No. You should write some kind of weird, fetish erotica and make sure to have a sexy, professionally-created cover for your work. Do multiple drafts and if you can afford it, have your work edited or proofread for errors. Not quite the answer you were looking for? Well, you asked.


How can I promote my book?

Get involved with Google AdWords and use one of those 75 or 100 dollar coupons they send out. Participate in forums and have your name link to a page containing your book . Make sure to tell your friends on Facebook or whatever other social networking sites you’re involved with. If you can afford to spend 60 dollars per year for a domain name and hosting, think about creating a website.