Vicous Magick
Protect the Goat

- Characters -

Zanther Maus

As the child of a famous adventurer, Zanther got an early education in pub-hopping, brawling, and seducing innocent young women. In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, Zanther finds himself jaded and emotionally guarded.


He values freedom over security, and as a result, often finds himself without steady employment or a roof over his head, though he seldom complains so long as he has enough dodeckas in his pocket for his next drink.


For whatever reason, once Queen Madra has her sights set on Zanther, he realizes his freedom and his life are constantly in danger and it's all he can do struggle in vain to protect either.

Novanostrum Singularis 

A vagabond wizard, banished from his homeland and seeking an amusing way to use his cosmic powers, Novanostrum spends less time thinking about right and wrong than he does about whether he finds something to be interesting.


As a Maximagus of the Third Circle, Novanostrum's magickal abilities are considerable, and he's not afraid to use them-- whether it's to defend himself or to show off for a new friend.


While he seems relatively well-adjusted, a little digging reveals an event so traumatizing it's all Novanostrum can do to keep it together most of the time. He does his best to put it out of his mind, but thoughts of it will occasionally bubble to the surface and release a blind wrath Novanostrum's enemies would do well to avoid, should they wish to keep their heads.



Madra Magda-Lynne 

The reigning queen of Claustria Kingdom. After twenty-four sunspins of betrayals and assasination attempts, Madra is no delicate flower. Once she sees something she wants, she is willing to go to any lengths to get it.


Though she's no slouch with a knife, she prefers to avoid actual physical combat. In those situations where fighting is unavoidable, she's not shy about showing off her prowess with a powderblast.


Despite her hardened demeanor, Madra will occasionally reveal her more vulnerable side, though few who witness this rare occurrence live to talk about it.


Those closest to Madra know her as a master strategist who is just as likely to be found poring over maps in her War Room as she is to be spotted raiding the royal pantry to satisfy her craving for yafbeest jerky.